Visa Interview

Visa Interview

This is often referred to as a credibility interview; there are 2 types of credibility interview. The first type is down when they are taking your biometrics at the embassy. This initial interview will take about 5 minutes and will be via video link with the Home Office in the UK. The Home Office will record the interview and send a summary to the Entry Clearance Office, this officer will decide if a second more detailed interview is needed.

Types of questions that might be asked

Why did you choose this university?
Think about why you chose to study in the UK? Think about what makes this university good? Was the university in a good location? Are they good at your subject?
Why this course?
Why did you choose this specialisation/ subject?
How do your studies fit into your career path?
They want to know if you are studying a degree to improve your career. If yes, how do they improve your career prospects?
You have had a long break in your studies, why are you returning now?
Explain why you are going back to education after a break.
You have previously studied in the UK – Why are you coming back?
Think about how your previous study, how does it link with your current study?
Do you plan to work in the UK?
Your main focus should be coming to the UK to study. If you want to work say how this will add to your studies.
How will you fund your studies?
Answer how you are paying for your tuition fees and living expenses.


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